TC Wizard: We Restore & Repair Swarovski Figurines


Do you have a broken Swarovski figurine?  Was your retired crystal figurine accidentally damaged and you want to have it professionally restored?

The Crystal Wizard is an excellent resource for getting your retired Swarovski Crystal figurine repaired or restored. We have solid experience and expertise in caring for your damaged Swarovski.

Our knowledge and skills, together with tools and correct materials, allow us to do the best possible Swarovski Restoration job for our customers. We use ONLY original manufacturer Swarovski components in the restoration process.

Whether your Swarovski figurine is marred by an unattractive chip, broken parts, or it has simply come unglued, we can restore your Swarovski figure back to its original character.  Contact us for more information on a Swarovski Repair to have your crystal figurine collectible once again made whole .